“Time to bring more caring ideas to Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.”

John Trevey

Founder & Owner

We Built the Opposite.

I realized I could make a difference in senior care while in business school. Dedicated Alzheimer’s communities were not prevalent within the Assisted Living industry yet. This discovery came as a result of visiting numerous Alzheimer’s facilities throughout the United States. People with dementia fared better the more their residence resembled a home-like environment. This is one of the reasons why Barton House was designed with only 24 rooms.

Creating a “Yes” environment.

Barton House is designed with our residents’ needs in mind. Like “Yes, you can go outside in the backyard. It’s secure.” “Yes, you can see as the chef prepares lunch or dinner. It’s safe.” “Yes, I could use your help watering the plants. It’s purposeful.”

Inspired Caregivers.

I became a Certified Nurses Aide. This gave me insight to understand how to motivate someone who is going to care for your mother, father or friend. We don’t work from the top down. To create success, we need to work together. Our caregivers are inspired because they know they are involved in a very different model.

“This is what our Uncommon Care Model is built on.”

Kim Trevey

Founder & Owner

From the start I wanted to help others.

In the earliest part of my career I worked with the Austin Alzheimer’s Association where I developed support groups, education for families and ran their adult day program.

My grandmother influenced my love and compassion for the elderly.

I went to school for counseling. Once I started working with people that had memory loss, I realized this was my path. To see a person with Alzheimer’s disease brighten when you sit and reminisce or listen to them tell you about their life stories, that inspires me.

Appreciate each moment.

That is what working with our residents has taught me. Interacting with each other, sharing experiences, you realize that the moment in itself is all that really matters. This is what our Uncommon Care Model is built on.

“Working with seniors is more rewarding than I ever thought it could be.”

Kim Greenwood

Regional Manager

Barton House always offers a listening ear, a kind word, and advice based on 20 years’ experience.

“I realized early on from our residents that living in the moment is crucial as well as the importance in finding joy in our lives, especially in the more challenging times. When we are present in our interactions and open to the unexpected, wgleam an enormous amount from our residents in what makes them happy and satisfied about their life at Barton House.”